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8/17/2009 Smart Grid Implementation Summit washington DC
8/18/2009 United We Stand / Building A Sustainable Economy - Conference & Trade show Washington DC
8/18/2009 Eighth International Congress on Targeted Therapies in Cancer Washington, DC Washington, DC
9/2/2009 02 WCBF's Lean, Six Sigma in Government & Defense Conference 2009 Washington District of Columbia
9/10/2009 5th Bienniel Anthony Powell Conference Washington DC
9/14/2009 Platts 2nd annual Carbon Capture and Sequestration Washington DC
9/14/2009 Carbon Capture and Sequestration Summit Washington DC
9/14/2009 14 World Summit on Economic-Financial Crisis and International Business Washington, D.C. DCAn international platform for academics, business professionals and government officials to come together to address strategic approaches to solve the economic-financial crisis and its impact on international business.
9/14/2009 CBI's 3rd Annual Oncology Clinical Trial Summit Washington DC
9/24/2009 ASGA's National Student Government Summit Washington D.C.
9/27/2009 CEFPI's 86th Annual World Conference & Expo Washington D.C.
9/28/2009 28 Identity Management 2009: Transparent Government - Risk, Rewards and Repercussions Washington, DC
9/29/2009 Global Youth Enterprise Conference Washington, DC
10/1/2009 Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management Washington DC
10/15/2009 Shaw and Politics Washington, D. C., D.C.   Great latitude will be given to topics andapproaches, on the conference topic or not,but tofind out what is meant by Shaw and Politics,please go to the conference website:http://www.shawsociety.org/DC-Shaw-Conference.htm.
11/5/2009 The 2009 AICR Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity & Cancer Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
1/20/2010 The New Green Economy Washington DC
4/19/2010 World Vaccine Congress Washington 2010 Washington

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