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Quantum Intelligence System (QIS)


QIS is based on the concept of integrating quantum intelligence from a complex process into a global understanding. QIS integrates a collection of state-of-the-art information mining and optimization technologies into a single framework. QIS optimizes the overall business processes through quantum profiling, transition patterns discovery, and optimization.


Data Model

QIS organizes diversified data elements, organizations, battle requirements, and overall results around historical scenarios of sequential or time series.

Knowledge Discovery

QIS discovers rules, trends and patterns from historical knowledge application time series. It uses QIS Linking, Targeting, Matching and Optimization modules to discover and apply patterns, rules and correlations from XML-based data warehousing.

  • Link is to discover patterns, rules and transitions even when many data elements are missing. The capability can be used for discovering knowledge applications signatures and their transitions that affect the desired performance.
  • Target is to look for the low dimensional projections of very high dimensional data using our innovative Projection Pursuit Learning Network (PPLN) algorithm. The capability can be used to discover knowledge application signatures for targeted performance.
  • Match is to classify and categorize a new situation to the previously analyzed signatures. This is critical to screen for new situations and provides a course of action, early warning, and recommendations for targeted future outcome.
  • Optimize is to automatically perform a large set of “what if” analyses and optimize a sequence of controls that can results in the best overall quality. The optimization technique is also quite unique for QIS compared with other data mining systems.
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