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Consulting Service: QIS for Extended Enterprises


QIS for Extended Enterprises

The Quantum Intelligence System for Extended Enterprises (QIS E2) integrates business intelligence and optimization for real-time performance monitoring, automation and optimization of complex business processes. The objectives are to demonstrate how to look through real-time data, report performance indicators, detect and diagnose problems, and visualize the results. Its key innovation is to integrate large amount of quantum information and then automatically perform many "what-if" analyses in order to optimize a sequence of responses.

QIS E2 can be applied to supply chain management (such as inventory management), production planning & logistics, resource/budget allocation, quality monitoring, and control & maintenance for reliability. QIS E2 can also be applied to industries in the area of revenue, resource, and business activity monitoring. QIS could reduce or eliminate delays, bottlenecks and inefficient use of labor and materials in production systems and business processes, while providing real-time financial and performance monitoring, automation and optimization for extended enterprises.

Use Cases

We have conducted case studies for a major retail, an electronic retailer, and a supermarket franchise. A summary of those case studies may be obtained from "Quantum Intelligence System for Retail" [pdf][html]. If you need additional information about our products and services, you may contact us by email info@quantumii.com.
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