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Knowledge Gathering Network (KGN)



Interoperability is a cornerstone of all the Navy's efforts to strengthen its independent operations and subsequently improve the warfighter's ability to find, retrieve, process, and exchange information. KGN integrates a collection of advanced knowledge gathering, creation, and dissemination techniques. It employs innovative data/text mining techniques to discover the signatures from historical scenarios and to identify the process and critical factors of knowledge acquisition and dissemination. KGN uses interoperable components for easy integration within the current US Navy infrastructure.

KGN extends to the whole process of XML Knowledge gathering, creation, and dissemination. The capabilities cover a wide range of knowledge management and information mining including:

  1. Gathering knowledge through a network of inter-connected web forms
  2. Automatically translating an XML data model to web forms
  3. Automatically applying the underlying XML data model to validate and regulate knowledge gathering
  4. Extracting, transforming and loading Legacy data into an XML warehouse from structured sources such as databases and excels, and unstructured sources such as word documents
  5. Power searching combined key words and ranges, as well as searching through meaning
  6. Discovering text clusters
  7. Auto-categorization
  8. Discovering social networks
  9. Discovering knowledge transition patterns
  10. Optimizing knowledge paths
  11. Disseminating knowledge through reports and visualizations.
KGN capabilities are implemented through Web services and can be accessed through web thin clients.

Use Cases

We applied KGN for analyzing the trouble tickets from historical data obtained from former strike forces and the certification process of three strike forces of the Nimitz Class. Detailed technical reports are available only to the DOD Agencies or DOD Primes. Please contact Dr. Charles Zhou for details.
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