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QI developed the Quantum Intelligence System (QIS) from several DOD SBIR contracts. Based on the QIS, we also developed the Knowledge Gathering Network (KGN) product that allows collaborative users to gather, create, and disseminate knowledge from diversified information sources. The Knowledge Pattern Search (KPS) product extends the KGN capability to discover knowledge patterns and apply them to search for new, interesting, and unique information. Recently we adapted KPS as a Collaborative Learning Agent (CLA) in the context of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). Multiple CLAs can be networked to form an agent network. The networked CLAs subsequently learn behavior patterns from the multiple data sources and can then apply them for prediction and identification of new data. CLA has been selected for a US Navy FORCEnet Sea Trial, the Trident Warrior 08.


Collaborative Learning Agents (CLA) 

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Knowledge Gathering Network (KGN) 

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Knowledge Pattern Search (KPS) 

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Life Sciences

CASCADE stands for "Computer-Assisted Strain Construction & Development Engineering".  It is a SBIR Phase I & II contract awarded to Quantum Intelligence by the US Army.

Based on the CASCADE technology, Quantum Intelligence has spun off a new venture. 


Events and News

12/02/2017 Quantum Intelligence is granted the US patent 9,792,404 titled "Method and system for knowledge pattern search and analysis for selecting microorganisms based on desired metabolic property or biological behavior"
04/16/2016 Quantum Intelligence is granted the US patent 9,323,837 titled "Multiple domain anomaly detection system and method using fusion rule and visualization"
09/10/2015 Quantum Intelligence mentioned in Big Data and Deep Learning for Understanding DoD Data
05/14/2015 Quantum Intelligence used in the DoD Defense Acquisition Visibility Environment (DAVE)
05/05/2015 CASCADE Clean Energy, a spinoff from Quantum Intelligence, is granted the US patent 9,026,373 titled "Method and system for knowledge pattern search and analysis for selecting microorganisms based on desired metabolic property or biological behavior."
02/09/2015 Quantum Intelligence presented "Big Data Architecture and Analytics for Improving Combat ID (CID)" at the 2015 National Fire Control Symposium.
12/02/2014 Quantum Intelligence is granted the US patent 8,903,756 titled "System and method for knowledge pattern search from networked agents"
10/06/2014 U.S. Navy could 'swarm' foes with robot boats using artificial intelligence, machine perception and distributed data fusion.
06/25/2014 Quantum Intelligence attended Office of Naval Research Hosted Focus Area Forum: Data Science for Decision-Making in Support of Naval Tactical Missions" [Video]
04/01/2014 Quantum Intelligence attended the Big Data TechCon in Boston.
09/01/2013 Quantum Intelligence used in the DoD Acquisition Visibility Portal.
07/11/2012 Quantum Intelligence used in Smart Defence and NATO capability studies.
05/15/2012 Quantum Intelligence used in MMOWGLI, the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet.
06/01/2011 Quantum Intelligence used for Haiti Earthquake Relief Operation 2012 (a) 2012 (b)
12/01/2010 Quantum Intelligence used for Navy Recruiting Command
10/01/2010 Quantum Intelligence used in Program-awareness in the DoD Acquisition Research Program
06/24/2010 Quantum Intelligence presented Trident Warrior 08 results at 15th ICCRTS, International Command and Cont rol, Research and Technology Symposium,Santa Monica, California
06/24/2010 Quantum Intelligence used in Maritime Domain Awareness
01/15/2010 Quantum Intelligence signed an agreement with Naval Postgraduate School to apply Collaborative Learning Agents to understand DoD data

11/16/2009 Quantum Intelligence attended the Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology (CBD S&T) Conference, in Dallas, Texas
09/09/2009 Quantum Intelligence attended 2009 Homeland Security Symposium & Exhibition
08/10/2009 Quantum Intelligence presented at the Search Engine Strategy 2009 in San Jose
08/04/2009 Quantum Intelligence presented at the Navy Gold Coast Small Business Opportunity Conference
04/29/2008 Quantum Ingtelligence sponsored Science and Technology Events at MIT Club Northern California

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