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Dr. Charles Zhou from Quantum Intelligence, Inc.  l presented their recent work at the coming Thirteenth International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium  at Bellevue, Washington from June 17 to 19, 2008.  The paper is titled as  "Semantic Machine Understanding" sponsored by Office of Naval Research.

06/16/2008: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. demonstrates  its Collaborative Learning Agents for Trident Warriors to the US Navy since  June 16, 12008.
06/01/2008 Dr. Charles Zhou present a "Computer-Assisted Strain Construction and Development Engineering (CASCADE)" at the Microbial Fuel Cell First International Symposium on May 27, 2008.  The Symposium is sponsored by ONR.  He also showcased a prototype developed under the US Army CBD SBIR contract.
05/19/2008 5th Annual National Small Business Conference Event May 19-21, 2008 San Diego, CA
05/18/2008 2008 Semantic Technology Conference at The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose CA,  May 18 to 22, 2008.
05/01/2008: California Clean Tech Open 2008 (CCTO):  Technology and Entrepreneur Matching Event at Stanford Research International (SRI), Menlo Park, California on May 1st, 2008.
04/02/2008: Quantum Intelligence Inc. finalized the Collaborative Learning Agents for the Trident Warrior 2008 Final Plan Meeting at San Diego Navy Base.
02/12/2007: 2008 ICB Army-Industry Collaboration Conference at University of California, Santa Barbara from Feb 12 to Feb 14, 2008
02/05/2007: Department of Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) meeting and AFCEA are in San Diego this week.
11/04/2007: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. presented their research at the Bio-Defense meeting in Philadelphia.   Their collaboration with US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID).
08/21/2007: Dr. Charles Zhou attended Bringing Technological Edge to the Warfighter August 21-23, 2007 Hyatt Regency Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, VA.   Quantum Intelligence, Inc. showcased its Knowledge Pattern Search for Trident Warriors and Knowledge Gathering Network for Naval Sea System Command (NAVSEA).
07/26/2007: The Cascade Clean Energy team from Quantum Intelligence, Inc. is selected as a finalist in the California Clean Tech Open Competition.  See Forbes
07/17/2007: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. will host a Knowledge Pattern Search workshop on September 24-25, 2007.
07/17/2007: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. was showcased at Search Engine Strategies 2007 in San Jose, California from Aug. 20 to 23. We attracted more than 300 visitors to our booth about our Knowledge Pattern Search and Knowledge Gathering Network.
03/09/2007: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. won the second phase Award from CBD of US Army.
03/09/2007: Quantum Intelligence, Inc. signed a contract with SAIC.
11/15/2006 Quantum Intelligence, Inc. won a contract from Office of Naval Research.
11/13/2006: Dr. Charles Zhou presented at NIH 4th Symposium Functional Genomics of Critical Illness and Injury,  Bethesda, MD
09/15/2006: Dr. Ying Zhao led her team worked on three use cases for CASCADE project (CBD), including screening for microorganisms for commercial and defense applications.
08/31/2006: QIS D2

Quantum Intelligence, Inc. successfully completed "in silico Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Assessment" and tested on 1,508 drugs approved by FDA and 41,000 anti-cancer drug agents from National Cancer Institute.

08/31/2006: QIS D2

Quantum Intelligence, Inc. signed CRADA with USAMRIID in June. Dr. Ying Zhao and Ms. Sherry Wei from QI and Dr. Luis DaSilva from the Army lab started working on "Gene Expression Pattern Recognition in Human Blood for the Tularemia Vaccine" using QIS D2.

07/01/2006: Knowlege Gathering Network

Quantum Intelligence, Inc. successfully completed its Knowledge Gathering Network and tested on multiple Navy systems.

06/07/2006: 06 Navy Opportunity Forum Success

Our trip to the 06 Navy Opportunity Forum was a huge success. Thank you to all the Primes, Government, and Private Sector companies that stopped by our booth.

Link: Virtual Showcase (Search for "Quantum Intelligence")
Download: Presentation by Dr. Charles Zhou

06/01/2006: Navy Meeting

Dr. Ying Zhao and Dr. Charles Zhou presented their Knowledge Gathering Network and its applications to BFIMS at the Navy Yard, Washington DC.

05/26/2006: Quantum Intelligence releases QIS Knowledge Gathering Network (QIS-KGN)

This product is part of a project "Knowledge Gathering Network for Battle Force Interoperability System" for US Navy. A detailed demo is available for DOD organizations and DOD primes.

05/26/2006: Quantum Intelligence releases QIS for Drug Discovery (QIS D2) Version 4.1

This product is developed from a research project "in silico Drug Toxicity and Efficacy" sponsored by DARPA.  It is being tested with Bio-SPICE,  two labs in US Army and a leading Pharmaceutical firm in US.

05/25/2006: Quantum Intelligence releases a Vioxx case study

05/10/2006: Quantum Intelligence won a CBD Phase I contract using QIS D2 and Bio-SPICE technology

05/07/2006: Quantum Intelligence will be attending the 06 Navy Opportunity Forum

Location: Hilton Washington, Washington DC
Date: June 5-7, 2006
Booth: 209
Website: http://www.navyopportunityforum.com/

08/12/2005: Bio-SPICE Workshop

A Bio-SPICE and Use Cases workshop was held in Stanford University at a IEEE Computational Systems Biology conference, a satellite event from Aug. 8th to Aug. 12th, 2005.

07/11/2005: Knowledge Gathering Network (KGN v1.0) Released

Quantum Intelligence releases its Knowledge Gathering Network (KGN v1.0) at the National SBIR Phase II Conference 2005 in San Diego. Dr. Charles Zhou and Mr. Greg Koss demonstrated a case study for NAVY to DOD agents and DOD prime contractors. This solution is developed from a NAVSEA SBIR project.

05/09/2005: QIS D2 Version 4 Released

Quantum Intelligence releases QIS D2 Version 4, which supports DARPA's BioSpice Version 6.

11/08/2004: Quantum Intelligence won a US Navy SBIR Phase II Contract

11/01/2004: QIS AIX Support

Quantum Intelligence announced that QIS supports AIX v5.3 on pSeries.

10/15/2004: QIS Integration

Quantum Intelligence announced that QIS supports IBM's Life Sciences Discovery Link and DARPA's Bio-SPICE

05/25/2004: Quantum Intelligence won a DARPA SBIR Phase II Contract

05/10/2004: QIS supports Linux on IBM Platforms

Quantum Intelligence announced that QIS supports Linux on IBM platforms: the iSeries (as/400); pSeries (AIX) and xSeries.

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